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Export Microsoft Office documents from ASP.NET applications using Infragistics NETADVANTAGE for ASP.NET

INFRAGISTICS I have a lot of experience developing applications using the Infragistics NETADVANTAGE for ASP.NET controls.  I've recently downloaded the latest control suite and I've decided to write a series of articles on the different controls and how they are used.  This article will be focused on creating Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, and XPS documents using the Infragistics NETADAVANTAGE for ASP.NET Controls. Exporting PDF and XPS documents from the contents of the WebDataGrid The Infragistics control suite is complete with two fully functional web grid controls.  The WebDataGrid provides a high performance, scalable ASP.NET AJAX enabled grid with built in support for sorting, filtering, and editing tabular data.  The control is designed with touch enabled devices in mind.  There is also built in support for flicking and other multi-touch gestures.   Here is an screen shot of the WebDataGrid for your review    As you can see, the grid is sleek, stylish, and very pleasing to the eye.  Infragistics controls have many predefined styles, as well as rich server side and client side  APIs.  The second Infragistics grid control is the WebHierarchicalDataGrid.  The WebHierarchicalDataGrid shares the same functionality as the WebDataGrid as well as the ability to model master-detail and self referencing data relationships.  These relationships are represented by expandable rows that contain the related data inside of a parent row.   Here is a screen shot of the WebHierarchicalDataGrid.     Both of the grids feature the ability to export the contents of the grid's data source to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word , PDF, and XPS documents.  There's also built in support for importing the contents of an Excel spreadsheet to populate the data grids. Microsoft Office independence One of the greatest features of the Microsoft document export functionality is the fact that there is no need to have Microsoft office installed on the server to generate the resulting documents.  The Infragistics library uses 100% managed .NET assemblies to implement this functionality.  This means there's no need to hack around the Word or Excel COM interop libraries to achieve the desired results.  Infragistics NETADVANTAGE comes with a Word Document object model as well as an Excel Woorkbook object model which provide rich APIs for creating Microsoft Office documents for use in your applications.  You can generate invoices, work orders, and receipts with very little code. My next article will include a fully functional sample that illustrates some of the functions of the WebDataGrid as well as the document export functionality. This concludes the article.  Thanks for reading! You can download a trial of the entire .NET NETADVANTAGE control suite by visiting the following URL: Infragistics website And here are some useful videos to get you started Export Grid Data to Excel Export Grid Data to PDF and XPS formats   kick it on

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